Since you already make cheat sheets--make them the best you can


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Chuletas (Cribr) is a program that is designed to help students in the complex art of cheating.

The main advantage to this utility is that you no longer have to waste time (or strain your eyes) writing tiny slips of paper that, when the moment of truth arrives, you can hardly even read.

With the integrated, complete text editor, you can write out what you need to know without any problem. In addition to being able to select the best font and font size, Cribr includes other options such as compressing the text using SMS abbreviations, highlighting key words with different underlinings, and the ability to type on both sides of the cheat sheet.

You can also include a large variety of math symbols that will help you remember complicated formulas in different school subjects.

Once you have the text laid out, all you have to do is select the size of the cheat sheet and print it. By default the program comes with a pen cheat sheet template that can be very useful at the beginning.

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